Shaun King exposes Ferguson PD lie about distance from SUV

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This needs to be brought to attention IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

I don’t even understand what they’re expecting anymore. if they can lie to us to our face and us KNOW the truth, what power do we have , then?

that’s a great question. I wish someone had a viable answer, because I’m losing hope fast and in a hurry.


Why I think “Simmons is an a hallucination” theory could be true.

Let’s start with the fact that she’s wearing her FZZT clothes, but yeah she could just be repeating outfit, right? No big deal there!


It’s just the same clothes, everyone wear the same clothes twice at least one time! Wrong! 

This is a tv show and fictional characters have more clothes than Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan combined. And clothes on tv shows can mean a lot of things.

What seems really off in this scene, it’s her hair. Because Liz cut her hair and we all know that, but in this scene she has the same hairstyle as in FZZT.

Some hair extensions maybe? Wrong again!

Some people are saying that it could mean she will cut her hair later in the show. And I think that’s wrong. Why? Because on the first episode she already have her hair short.

Again, we don’t know anything about Fitzsimmons on the first episode, but what we know is how they will look like and what clothes they will be wearing.

I saw a pattern. On the promo pics of season 1, they all used the same clothes of episode one.




So I was wondering, If they were going to do the same with season two? And…


Again, the same clothes they used for the promo pics are the one they’re gonna use on the episode.

So this are Simmons promo pics.


She has short hair in those pics, which means that on episode one this is going to be her look. 

She has short hair, and then on these photos


she has long hair again.

Either Simmons has some hair extensions in her room so she can change her look, or this is not the real Simmons. If she’s indeed just Fitz’s imagination I can say he was imagining her in those clothes because of how important that day was for him. 

Also someone pointed out something curious about these two photos



She’s there and there she’s not. Like the person said, it could mean she just walked away, but they are all standing on the same place. Maybe they moved around their arms and stuff, because they’re not statues. But for me it seems like the same scene with just some frames of difference, and it’s a little too weird.

And let’s just add that on all of these photos Mack is not interacting with Simmons in anyway, just Fitz.

Now, the questions, If he’s really hallucinating. Where’s the real Simmons? Why would he hallucinate about her? If she were there then he wouldn’t have to imagine her helping him. Is Fitz going cray cray? Because of his confessions Simmons doesn’t want to be near him?

Conclusion: Either Fitz is going cray cray, or we are. 

When I first saw the new pictures earlier, I thought okay, looks like a normal scene then, instead of flashbacks or something. Then I just saw some people are still thinking that Fitz is imagining/hallucinating Jemma being there, and I looked through the pictures again, and damn I think that’s right.

Now you see her, now you don’t.

"The end of last season Fitz professed his love for Simmons, and she didn’t really see it coming and didn’t feel the same in that moment. That’s something that once that moment’s happened, you can’t really go back from that in a friendship. You have to move forward, and we see how they deal with that. That moment changes them both because it was a life-threatening moment, and neither of them will be the same after going through that emotionally and physically. It was a bomb that went off, and now they have to find a way to recover." - Elizabeth Henstridge on how the Fitzsimmons dynamic is going to change in season 2 (via leopoldfitz)